Photograph by Elsie Zhong.

In May 2020, when it came time to present data on reopening, Rebekah Jones — a Florida-based scientist who studies disaster research and communications — was ultimately fired for refusing to manipulate the numbers.

Photograph by Lars Kuczynski

Photograph by Alex Wong

As we shelter in place, life adapts to our need to stay at home. What businesses and services are turning this sharp curve in ways that deserves notice? A post-covid world will want to expand and advance its most effective adaptations. Here’s a look at three points of sale keeping pace with a world on lockdown.

  1. The Drive-Thru

Photograph of summit by Denys Nervozhai

A Beginner’s Guide to Immunity Boosters

Wendy L. Webb

Wendy shares writings on Culture, Health, Wellness, and the Environment. MA, The New School MFA, School of Visual Arts.

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